The Sigil of the One God

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[[Image:Sigilworship-strife.png|thumb|right|256px|A game art of the Sigil, showing its worship by priests of [[The Order]].]]
'''The Sigil of the One God''' (sometimes known only as ''Sigil'') is a weapon in [[Strife]]. It is considered a sentient weapon which is worshipped by [[The Order]], thought to have been created by the [[Entity|Alien Entity]] and the [[Spectre (Strife)|Spectres]] as a means to corrupt the people into evil desires. The sigil appears as both a weapon and an a symbol on many Order flags throughout the game.
The Sigil weapon consists of five separate pieces. The first is the lower half of the base, the second the upper half of the base, the third the left of three prongs on it, the fourth being the right prong, and the final being the center prong of the completed Sigil. There are five forms of the weapon, each changing upon gaining a piece.
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