The Sigil of the One God

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[[Image:Sigilform5-strife.png|thumb|right|256px|The awesome power of the completed Sigil in action.]]
[[Image:Sigilentry-strife.png|thumb|right|256px|An alien panel with a engravement for the full [[Sigil]], which allows entry into the [[Entity]]'s Spaceship.]]
[[Image:Sigilworship-strife.png|thumb|right|256px|A game Game art of the Sigil, showing its worshiped it being worshipped by priests of [[The Order]].]]
'''The Sigil of the One God''' (sometimes known only as ''Sigil'') is a weapon in [[Strife]]. It is considered a sentient weapon which is worshipped by [[The Order]], thought to have been created by the [[Entity|Alien Entity]] and the [[Spectre (Strife)|Spectres]] as a means to corrupt the people into evil desires. The sigil appears as both a weapon and a symbol on many Order flags throughout the game.
The final form (whole base, plus left, right and center prongs) will shoot a pulsing ball straight forward, which shoots electrical bolts similar to the second form to both the left side, right side, and in front of the main shot. Because of this, enemies which are directly targeted take more damage.
The primary downside to the Sigil is that it uses the player's own health as ammo. Armor does not decrease when used like in the case of the [[Mauler]]. Each form of the Sigil uses a specific percentage of health (although health can be extended from 100% to 200% max with [[Stamina implant]]s), and as [[Macil]] explains, the Sigil uses the player's lifeforce life force to create a destructive attack, and states whoever holds the entire Sigil can control the entire world.
The Sigil uses up the following amounts of health per form: