Intermission screen

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Note that if USE is pressed to cancel the delay between steps 4 and 5, the marine will execute that command upon entering the new level, which may have unwelcome consequences should that level happen to present a switch or door directly in front of the start point.
[[Thy Flesh Consumed]] (the fourth episode of [[Ultimate Doom]]), [[Doom II]], [[Final Doom]], and the final two episodes of [[Heretic]] do not display an episode perspective during the intermission, only a background image, except for Doom95 in Thy Flesh Consumed (see below in Trivia section). Pressing a key omits changes 3 and 4 listed above and enters the next level after a much shorter delay (ten [[tic]]s, about a quarter of a second).
Doom II and Final Doom occasionally contain [[Text screens|textual interludes]] between the intermission screen of one level and the start of the next. Pressing a key interrupts the text, after a slight delay, and play proceeds to the next level.
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