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[[Image:BuddiesMap01.png|thumb|One player in Doom looking at two others, Brown and Indigo, on the starting alcove of [[Level 1: Entryway]], in [[Doom II]].]]
The '''player''' (or ''player character'') is the [[Wikipedia:Avatar (icon)#Avatars in games|entity]] or [[thing]] in the game controlled by [[Wikipedia:Gamer|a person playing the game]] (the player as an individual, or the game [[Wikipedia:User (computing)|user]]), either alone, or as one of several in [[multiplayer]] mode. The entity has various attributes, such as a position on the map, [[health]], and [[item]]s possessed which vary according to the user's actions within the game [[level]]s.
Since the game is played from a first person perspective, a player does not see his or her sprite on the main portion of the screen, except for a hand or two when certain [[weapons]] are selected or used.