GoldenEye Doom2

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'''GoldenEye Doom2''' is a [[total conversion]] for [[Doom II]] that includes the following:
* Single player maps (both standard based on locations from the [[Wikipedia:GoldenEye|GoldenEye ones movie]] and from other [[Wikipedia:James Bond (film series)|James Bond ]] movies)
* [[Multiplayer]] maps
* Multiple versions:
** [[Doom I ]] levels only** [[Doom II ]] levels only** Zdaemon [[ZDaemon]] single wad [[WAD]] version** [[Dehacked]] version compatible with [[Doom Legacy]] and Zdoom [[ZDoom]] 1.22
** An enhanced [[EDGE]] v1.28+ version containing extra features not supported in the Dehacked versions. This consists of extra weapons, enhanced graphics and alternate firing modes, and cutscenes.
== Weapons ==
The [[total conversion|TC ]] includes the following weapons:
# Melee
== Features ==
* 32 Levels as of 04/April 15/06, 2006
* A large arsenal
* Alternate Firing (e.g Uzi fires Ghetto Style!)
* Weapons have different onscreen sights.
* Blood spatter stays on ground.
* Comes with [[IWAD ]] [[freedoom ]] ([[EDGE ]] version).
== External links ==