Chex Quest

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Chex Quest 2 was available only from the official website, and only for a limited time. The basic gameplay and backstory are the same as the first Chex Quest game.
==Chex Quest 3==
'''Chex Quest 3''' is a beta version of the last entry in a series of [[Doom]]-style promotional games included inside selected Chex breakfast cereal boxes. It has the same backstory and basic gameplay of the earlier [[Chex Quest]] games.
Being a beta version, Chex Quest 3 was never officially released in boxes, although the developer put up the game for free download on their website (now defunct), along with a blurb about an upcoming ''Chex Quest 4'' that was never finished. The game is complete, though, and no obvious bugs are apparent.
In addition to the same wacky gameplay from the first two games, ''Chex Quest 3'' includes new weapons, such as a clone of the [[super shotgun]] from [[Doom II]], and several new monsters. Overall, it is very similar to [[Chex Quest]] and [[Chex Quest 2]].
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