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[[image:Heretic-Ophidian.png|thumb|right|256px|An Ophidian in Heretic E3M4]]
'''Ophidians''' are monsters from [[Heretic]] that resemble snakes and carry pointed staffs. When attacking, they fire a chain of three purple shots from their staff, pause, and then fire a red [[fireball]]. Ophidians sometimes drop a [[Flame Orb]] when killed. These particular Flame Orbs are worth 5 shots instead of the usual 1 shot. The Ophidian stops firing briefly between the purple shots and the fireball.the purple do up to 8 points damage,and the fireball do up to 24 points damage.ophidians are considers as tough as a revenant from Doom.
Some source ports refer to the Ophidian as "Snake" or "Serpent".
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