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[[image:Heretic-Gargoyles.png|thumb|right|256px|Gargoyles in Heretic E1M1]]
'''Gargoyles''' and '''Fire Gargoyles''' are a set minor-level enemies from [[Heretic]]. Both varieties of Gargoyle are small, red, and have wings, allowing them to float and fly around the map. Both types also have the ability to swoop in quickly on the player from a distance, although they do not actually impact with the player.
Normal Gargoyles can only swoop in at the player and slash with their claws, doing small damage. They have 40 [[Hit points]] and are weaker than the [[SS Nazi]]s in [[Doom 2]].
Fire Gargoyles (sometimes called '''Gargoyle Leaders''') throw small fireballs at a distance to pester the player. In groups they can gang up on the player with fireballs. Fire Gargoyles also have 80 Hit Points, a little more than a [[Chaingunner]] in Doom 2. Some [[source ports]] refer to the Gargoyle as "Imp".
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