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[[ImageFile:HacxMechamaniac.png|thumb|right|256px|A Mechamaniacmechamaniac.]]The '''mechamaniac''' is an enemy from [[Hacx]]. With 800 [[hit point]]s, this partially robotic mutant is extremely dangerous. It has two cannons mounted on its body, and it can shoot photons at the player. One shot from a mechamaniac is strong enough to kill a player with 100% health.
'''Mechamaniacs''' are enemies from [[HacX]]. With 800 hit points==Tactical analysis==Although powerful, these robot-ish mutants are extremely dangerous. They have two cannons mounted on their body and they can shoot photons at fortunately the player. One shot from a Mechamaniac is strong enough to kill a player with 100% health. Fortunately, their mechamaniac's attacks aren't are not too hard difficult to avoid , and strafing while fightning fighting these foes often helps. When facing them it is recommended to use strong weapons such as the [[Cryoguncryogun]] or the [[Photon photon 'Zookazooka]]. The mechamaniac is not immune to the splash damage from its own projectiles, so it is possible for it to accidentally kill itself. ==Trivia==* The mechamaniac somewhat resembles ''[[Quake]]'''s Armagon (found in one of the mission packs). Ironically, it was Quake which caused Hacx to fail commercially.
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