Mancubus (Doom 3)

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[[Image:mancubus.jpg|thumb|right|A Mancubus from Doom 3]]
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{{enemybox| image=[[image:mancubus.jpg|200px]]| hp=1000| attack= 20 (blast), up to 20 (splash damage), 40 (melee)| found=Recycling Sector 2, Hell, Erebus Sector 5, Hell (revisted)| spawn="spawn monster_demon_mancubus"}}
The '''Mancubus''' is one of the few Doom 3 monsters that is very similar to its classic counterpart. It is greenish-grey in colour, rather than brown like the [[Mancubus|classic Doom version]]. Like the original version, the Mancubus is a very large, fat demon with a fireball launcher for each arm, but unlike the original, it does not fire the two launchers simultaneously, firing each in turn instead. The Mancubus stands about 2 heads taller than a normal human, and its bulk is about 2 to 3 times as wide.
* Unlike the [[Mancubus|classic variant]], the Doom 3 Mancubus no longer screams "''Mancubah!''" when firing its cannons.
==Combat Details==
* '''Health:''' 1,000
* '''Attack Damage:''' 20 (blast), up to 20 (splash damage), 40 (melee)
* '''Locations:''' Recycling Sector 2, Hell, Erebus Sector 5, Hell (revisted)
* '''Cheat Spawn:''' "spawn monster_demon_mancubus"
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