The Sigil of the One God

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The first form utilizes the lower base and creates a floor sensor below the player (or under the player's target monster if there is one in sight), which drop electrical-like bolts of energy from the sky similar to a lightning storm. The sensor will erratically, but slowly move around from its origin point, allowing the thunder bolts to drop in odd patterns. This version of the Sigil cannot hurt the originator of the attack, so summoning the sensor below you is safe.
The second form, consisting of the entire base(first two pieces), will shoot a horizontal bolt of energy in a straight line, leaving short afterimages of it being the main shot. This main shot is assumably presumably stronger than the shots of the first form.
The third form (whole base, plus left prong) will shoot a spread of several dozen small balls of energy in a 180 degree angle relevant to the player's current angle. At close range against groups of monsters this is particularly effective.