Mancubus (Doom 3)

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* If the noclip cheat is used to get up close, nipples can be seen on the Mancubus.
* The [[Vagary]]'s transparent abdomen contains a malformed Mancubus fetus, leading to speculation that the Vagary is the "mother" of the Mancubi species(this could be technically incorrect).
* These monsters are usually accompanied by [[Cherub]]s in the original. This has lead to some believing they are the offspring of Mancubi. This is highly unlikely, since they look and act completely differently(just like the example above of a [[Vagary]] gestating a malformed Mancubus fetus), though it still may be possible. In the expansion however, they don't appear alongside them anymore, the Mancubus Mancubi are at one point by themselves instead accompanied by of accompanying either Maggots or Hell Knights.
* Unlike the [[Mancubus|classic variant]], the Doom 3 Mancubus no longer screams "''Mancubah!''" when firing its cannons.
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