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This page seems mostly useless.
:I do agree with Gez. The page in its current form is overcomplicated and way too long. Also, the Windows Vista part essentially recommending people to use Doom95 by default is a friggin' atrocity. The sooner this page is rewritten, the better, especially considering it's the sixth most visited page on this wiki. -- [[User:Janizdreg|Janizdreg]] 03:28, May 23, 2010 (UTC)
:: I think you are correct and I would be glad to research this myself, only I can't do any testing at the moment.  If somebody revises the article sooner, as you say, I urge them to keep in mind Gez's points about the target audience.  Our recommended port package must have what they are expecting a PC game to have:
::* A normal-looking Win32 installation routine, with a point-and-click interface, which automatically adds shortcuts to the desktop and Start menu.  The user should not have to decompress files manually, let alone use a command line.
::* An integrated GUI launcher.  (Yes, this excludes most ZDoom distributions.)
::* The ability to use IWADs/PWADs that aren't in the port's folder. Ideally, the launcher remembers their locations between sessions; the user should never have to know where config files are located.
::* Default graphics/sound setups with broad compatibility.  Installing multiple SDL components just to get the app running is insane.
:: Also, [ that list] looks like tl;dr to me.  It would be better to have a simple table for each OS (game title vs shareware/full, or something).    [[User:Ryan W|Ryan W]] 21:34, May 23, 2010 (UTC)