Mancubus (Doom 3)

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The main differences between the Doom 3 Mancubus and the [[Doom II]] Mancubus is the skin color, the face, and the feet. In Doom II, the Mancubus had a mouth, leather-imitating colored skin, and elephant-like feet. In Doom 3, the Mancubus has a small "trunk" instead of a face, pale skin, and their feet look like fanned out pieces of flesh.
Mancubi are quite rare, and only appear in 2 levels in Doom 3. They first appear in a sort of "mini-boss" fight against 3 Mancubi in Recycling Sector 2(possibly mirroring the Mancubus' introduction in Doom II's [[MAP07: Dead Simple (Doom II)|seventh level]]), and several are also encountered throughout Hell. They also appear in ''[[Resurrection of Evil]]'', although again they are mostly confined to Hell.
==Combat Characteristics==
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