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: Oh, I should probably add, sorry for creating a dupe article in the first place - I didn't see 'Boss' at all. -- [[User:Jdowland|Jdowland]]
I had not previously considered arachnotron or mancubus to be bosses (and am still not sure that I do, source code notwithstanding). So, I was trying to accommodate a more general interpretation of the word "boss". I have looked at the source code. I included Keen because the mechanism, and indeed the gameplay, is very similar to the others you included -- only the function <i>name</i> is different. Are you saying Icon of Sin is not a boss? (I would disagree.) I had thought of starting a section "another definition of boss is a monster that causes <tt>A_Boss_Death</tt> to be invoked...", but that seemed restrictive. (N.B. I have never played Heretic, so I cannot say anything about the monsters mentioned in that section of the article.) BTW, "factually inaccurate" seems a little harsh :-) [[User:Radius|radius]] 17:14, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC)