GoldenEye Doom2

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* [[Multiplayer]] maps
* Multiple versions:
** [[Dehacked]] version ** Dehacked version compatible with [[Doom Legacy]]and Zdoom 1.22
** An enhanced [[EDGE]] v1.27+ version containing extra features not supported in the Dehacked versions. These consist of extra weapons, enhanced graphics and alternate firing modes.
1. Melee
Unarmed (punch/kick)
Knives (throw)
Watch lazer (zap)
Soviet Tank (blast, crush)
2. Pistols
(2x Silenced) PP7 (single, double action)
(2x) Dostovie (single, ghetto)
(2x) Cougar Magnum (single, aim, alternate, blast)
3. Shotgun
Automatic Shotgun (single shot, auto)
4. SMG's
(2x) Klobb
(2x Silenced) Duestch (auto, burst)
(2x) Zmg (auto, ghetto)
5. Rifles
Sniper Rifle
(2x) Ak47
6. Moon Raker Laser
7. (2x) RCP-90
8. Misc
(2x) Golden Gun
Golden PP7
9. Explosives
Rocket Launcher
Gernades (normal, impact)
Plus a Soviet Tank!
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