MAP07: Dead Simple (Doom II)

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# The only secret in this level is the area surrounding the exit switch. Therefore, it is impossible to exit the level without triggering the secret (unless you use the alternative exit switch described belowor rocket jump to it without raising the step, as happens in [[UV speed]] demo on this level by [[Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic]] (see below)).
# A possible bug or warning that occurs is that if the last 2 arachnotrons die at the same time, it may cause the stair step surrounding the exit in the center to rise twice, making the exit in the center become seemingly inaccessible, but if this happens, you can still access the exit by running across from the lowered northwest or northeast platforms.
# Not really a bug, but more of a warning. If this level is played on Nightmare difficulty or with the -respawn parameter set, the arachnotrons that endlessly respawn may cause the stair step that surrounds the center exit to continuously rise each time all of them die, making the exit in the center inaccessible.
# Not really a bug, but the backpack at the start of the level in the Xbox version of Doom II is actually about a dozen ten backpacks placed on top of each other. Picking "it" up will thus give you a very large amount of ammo.