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In the Doom games, the player's [[Status bar face|face]] is shown on the [[status bar]], where it reflects the character's health (becoming progressively bloodier as the player's health falls) and reacts to events such as being attacked, stepping on a [[damaging floor]], or finding a weapon or [[Item|power-up]].
The player moves in response to the keyboard, mouse or joystick at either walking speed or running speed. The forward/backward speeds are somewhat higher than the sideways speed; these movements can be combined advantageously via [[straferunning]]. The maximum turning speed with the mouse may be adjusted by the user, although it may trigger a [[Menu error with high mouse sensitivity|a bug]] in the menu system if set very high.
In a multiplayer game, the other players appear as marines in differently colored uniforms and [[Armors|armor]]. In the Doom games the colors are green, indigo (gray), brown, and red, although various [[source port]]s permit more choices of color, and sometimes more than four players in a game. The [[sprite]]s for a player are rendered in a green suit; to draw another player, the [[Doom rendering engine|rendering engine]] remaps the shades of green to shades of the corresponding color.