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Doom player data: More accurate speed based on observations
|[[Hit point]]s||100
|Speed<sup>1</sup>||24 8.33 [[map unit|mu]]/frame, 291.66 [[map unit|mu]]/s (walking, base 25)<br>50 16.67 [[map unit|mu]]/frame, 583.32 [[map unit|mu]]/s (running, base 50)<br>64 21.34 [[map unit|mu]]/frame, 747.03 [[map unit|mu]]/s ([[Straferunning|SR40]], base 64)<br>7023.57 [[map unit|mu]]/frame, 824.7 94 [[map unit|mu]]/s ([[Straferunning|SR50]], base 70.7)<br>35.29+ [[map unit|mu]]/frame, 1235.12+ [[map unit|mu]]/s ([[Wallrunning]]<sup>3</sup>)
|Pain sound||DSPLPAIN
|Death sound||DSPLDETH (normal)<br>DSPDIEHI (heavy<sup>12</sup>)<br>DSSLOP ([[gibs]])
# Maximum value specified, speed varies between zero and the maximum. The player's speed varies from that of normal monsters. The base value is obtained from the control input which is then applied to the player object in the game simulation. The actual speed is around 33% of the base speed.
# Used if the player is brought below -50% health by the killing blow, but without being [[Gibs|gibbed]].
# Wall run speeds vary based on the angle against the wall.
== Player characters ==
Doomer, editor