MAP07: Dead Simple (Doom II)

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Speedrunning: Marked the later records by Kimo Xvirus and xepop.
===Routes and tricks===
Because the normal route through the map involves killing all of the monsters on the level, it was for long believed that a [[UV pacifist]] run of this map was impossible. However, [[Drew "DeVore (stx-Vile" DeVore)]] proved this wrong in 2005 by releasing a {{competnftp|doom2/pacifist/|demo}} demonstrating that it is possible to complete the level if the player propels himself to the exit switch with a rocket launcher.
|[[UV speed]]||00:06||[[Marijo "Sedlić (Sedlo" Sedlic)]]||2002-05-01||{{competnftp|doom2/speed/|}}||
|[[NM speed]]||00:4810||[[Adam HegyiKimo XVirus]]||20012009-1106-2621||{{competnftp|doom2/nmare/|}}||
|[[UV max]]||00:46||[[Adam Hegyi]]||2000-06-21||{{competnftp|doom2/max/|}}||
|[[UV -respawn]]||00:48||[[Adam Hegyi]]||2000-03-21||{{competnftp|doom2/respawn/|}}||
|[[UV Tyson]]||07:12||[[Jim Leonard (Xit Vono)]]||2003-04-02||{{competnftp|doom2/tyson/|}}||
|[[UV pacifist]]||00:4112||[[Drew "stx-Vile" DeVorexepop]]||20052010-0412-2119|| {{competnftp|doom2/pacifist/|}}||
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