MAP07: Dead Simple (Doom II)

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Speedrunning: An E2M9-style note would be relevant here.
|[[UV max]]||00:46||[[Adam Hegyi]]||2000-06-21||{{competnftp|doom2/max/|}}||
|[[NM100S]]|| || || || ||<sup>1</sup>
|[[UV -fast]]||00:51||[[Adam Hegyi]]||1999-11-19||{{competnftp|doom2/fast/|}}||
''The data was last verified in its entirety on October 18, 2012.''
# Normally, the level is finished with [[Intermission screen|100% secrets]], so a separate category from NM speed would be redundant. The outcome is true unless the [[noclip bug]] occurs or the completion is carried out by using a [[rocket jump]] without touching the exit sector's floor.