Doom Classic

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#REDIRECT {{stub}}:''See [[classic Doom]] for the collective range of [[id Tech 1]] Doom games. For the iOS port, see [[Doom Classic (iOS)]]'' '''Doom Classic''' is the name given to [[Id Software]]'s modern cross-platform port of the original Doom engine. It is based on the [[Xbox 360]] port created by [[Nerve Software]], and was ported back to the PC when included with [[Doom 3: BFG Edition]]. Outside of the BFG Edition, it is also present in the [[Doom Classic Complete]] pack for the PlayStation 3 (but not the PC version of that pack, which still uses the original exes with [[DOSBox]]). == See also ==* [[Versions of Doom and Doom II]]* [[Doom 3: BFG Edition]]* [[Doom source code]] == External links ==* [ Doom Classic source code] on GitHub ([ zipball]) {{s-start}}{{s-port}}{{s-bef|before=[[Xbox 360]]}}{{s-ttl|title=Doom Classic}}{{s-non|reason=None}}{{s-end}}  [[Category:Commercial ports]]