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A bit on EE
Since the ZIP format imitates a filesystem with a tree hierarchy, the differences between the various implementations of "PK3" files reside mostly in the folder structure to which a PK3 mod should conform.
* [[Doomsday]] and [[Risen3D]] use a model detailed {{dengwiki|PK3|here|linkonly=1}}.
* [[Eternity Engine|Eternity]] use uses a model mostly compatible with ZDoom's, detailed {{eterwiki|ZIP|here|linkonly=1}}. A .pke extension is recommended for Eternity-specific modifications.
* [[Vavoom]] has a model inspired from the approach used in the [[Quake]] series or [[Doom 3]].
* [[ZDoom]], [[GZDoom]], and [[Skulltag]] use a model detailed {{zdoomwiki|Using ZIPs as WAD replacement|here|linkonly=1}}.
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