Mancubus (Doom 3)

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Compared to the original design, the Doom 3 mancubus is more elephant-seal- or [[Wikipedia:Cthulhu|Cthulhu]]-like (the ''Making of Doom 3'' book points out the latter as a source of inspiration). The strange head was explained by the game designers: the centre tentacle is a breathing tube, consisting of tiny holes along its sides (which are visible if viewed closely), while both side tentacles were actually supposed to be tusks. Due to a graphical and model design glitch they were reduced to feeding tools, and are stated to be used like the mouth of an [[Wikipedia:Octopus|octopus]]. It is unknown whether they have a beak inside their mouth or not. In Doom II, the Mancubus had a mouth, leather-colored skin, and elephant-like feet. In Doom 3, the Mancubus has a small "trunk" instead of a face, pale skin, and their feet look like fanned out pieces of flesh at the end of amputated legs.
Mancubuses are quite rare, and only appear in two levels of Doom 3. They first appear in a sort of "mini-boss" fight against 3 Mancubuses in Recycling Sector 2 (possibly mirroring the Mancubus's introduction in Doom II's [[MAP07: Dead Simple (Doom II)|seventh level]]), and several are also encountered throughout Hell. They also appear in ''the expansions [[Resurrection of Evil]]'' and [[The Lost Mission]], although again they are mostly confined to Hell.
==Combat characteristics==