Doom 64

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*[[Marine (Doom 64)|Marine bots]], which only appear in the title map.
== [[Doom 64: Absolution]] TC for Doomsday and [[Doom64 EX]] source port Other versions ==Since the release There has never been an official port of the [[Doom]] source code for 64 to any other platform, and the computer games, programmers have created feature-enhanced versions likelihood of this ever occurring is poor due to the computer [[Doom]] game in their own [[source port]]sbankruptcy of {{wp|Midway_Games}} as of February, 2009.  Several fans of Doom 64 decided to work to convert the game's exclusive content to the computer using the [[Doomsday]] engine. This stand -alone mod, built on the 1.7.14 release of [[Doomsday]], titled '''[[Doom 64: Absolution]]''', was released in 2003. It included near-identical, faithful albeit limited representations recreations of the original Doom 64 levels game and monsters along with some several unique new maps of its own. It appealed to many fans as a way to play through the game on a computer without using [[Wikipedia:Emulation|emulation]]. One of its authors,  [[Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal]], the lead developer of the Absolution [[total conversion]], would later create [[Doom64 EX]], an actual [[source port ]] for the original game data as extracted from the ROM.
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