Atari Jaguar

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[[Image:Jaguar-box.jpg|thumb|right|Box cover of Atari Jaguar Doom.]]
[[Image:Jag_Doom.png|thumb|A screenshot from the Jaguar version of Doom.]]
[[Image:Jag_doom_overlay.jpg|thumb|Atari Jaguar gamepad overlay for Doom.]]
The [[Wikipedia:Atari Jaguar|Jaguar]] version of [[Doom]] was published by [[Wikipedia:Atari|Atari]] in 1994 and was developed by [[Id Software|id Software]].
==Differences between the Jaguar and PC versions==
[[Image:Jag_Doom.png|thumb|240px|A screenshot from the Jaguar version of Doom.]][[Image:Jag_doom_overlay.jpg|thumb|240px|Atari Jaguar gamepad overlay for Doom.]]
This version of Doom only features one continuous "episode" like [[Doom II]], as opposed to the three episodes in the PC version. Unlike Doom II, there are no text intermissions to separate the game into segments, although the sky does change after MAP08 and MAP19. 22 of the 27 maps from the PC version are featured, although all have been modified, some significantly, along with two new maps. The missing maps are [[E2M8: Tower of Babel (Doom)|Tower of Babel]], [[E3M1: Hell Keep (Doom)|Hell Keep]], [[E3M2: Slough of Despair (Doom)|Slough of Despair]], [[E3M8: Dis (Doom)|Dis]] and [[E3M9: Warrens (Doom)|Warrens]]. To add a slight bit of confusion, the two new maps take the names Tower of Babel and Hell Keep, while Fortress of Mystery has been renamed Dis in this version.