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He's not bald. It's a military buzzcut
[[Doom]] and its retail extension, [[The Ultimate Doom]], include the following monsters:
*[[Zombieman|Former Human]]: Once a marine or guard like [[Doom's protagonist|the protagonist]], now a green-haired, hell-possessed soldier carrying a rifle. The weakest of all enemies and therefore, the easiest to kill.
*[[Shotgun guy|Former Human Sergeant]]: A bald, more durable zombie in black armor clothing with a shotgun. A bit stronger than the former human and moderately dangerous at close-range, but still very easy to gun down.
*[[Imp]]: A brown, human-sized humanoid demon that throws round fireballs and claws opponents at close range.
*[[Demon]]: About the size of a gorilla, this muscular pink brute runs quickly on its two hind legs to bite opponents.