The Ultimate Doom

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[[Image:UltimateDoom_title.gif|thumb|256px|The Ultimate Doom [[title screen]]]]
'''The Ultimate Doom''' (or '''The Ultimate DOOM''' as a [[Wikipedia:brand|brand]], and informally "Ultimate Doom") is an expanded version of [[Doom]] released on [[Timeline#1995|April 30, 1995]], that adds a fourth nine-level episode to the game, [[Thy Flesh Consumed]]. The enhanced version was made as an incentive in the distribution of the boxed game through [[Wikipedia:retailing|retail]] stores and venues, although to be fair to fans who had previously registered Doom, [[id Software]] provided them with a freely available patch to upgrade their copy of Doom version 1.9 to The Ultimate Doom.<ref> (1998), [ 5 years of Doom], interview with John Romero (pg. 3). Retrieved on April 5, 2008.</ref>
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