Doom 64

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Trivia: Use of lighting also changed during development
[[Image:Doom64BetaPyramid.jpg|thumb|right|A {{wp|Mesoamerican}} step pyramid which is not found in the final game appears in this beta screenshot.]]
* The name of the final level, "''The Absolution''," was originally the working title for the Doom 64 project during its prototype phase. According to programmer [[Aaron Seeler]], the game started out as a much more ambitious project which was meant to deviate much more from the vanilla Doom formula. The final game inherits many of its texture themes, with hints of Egyptian, Mayan, and Aztec styles, from this early prototype development phase.
* Many early magazine review screenshots display a much more conservative use of colored lighting, with the feature being used more often to simply create contrast and shadowing, or to highlight important objects. This is in contrast to the final release, which applies some type of palette, even if subtle, to virtually every surface and space in the game.
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