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Story: Rewrite
The following is as it is explained in the manual of the game:
"{{Quote|You are a wandering mercenary, led to the small town of Tarnhill by rumors of conflict between [[The Order]], a well-equipped religious dictatorship, and [[The Front]], the rag tag resistance movement. While searching for The Front you decided to take a brief rest somewhere that you thought was safe. The Order acolytes have been rounding up all suspicious characters in the area. Yes, you happen to be one of them. What they didn't expect, though, is the knife you keep concealed for situations just like this one..."|Strife instruction manual}}
A comet has hit struck the Earthplanet, unleashing a virus and killing a large amount portion of the populace. A lot Many of the survivors started began to hear the voice of a malignant god in their heads (The also known as the [[Entity]]) and worshipped itformed a militant cult known as the Order dedicated to its worship. The Order took swiftly takes over the world using advanced technology which far surpasses that otherwise known, and , opposed to natural procreation, begins killing all women and children found were killed, forcing the . The survivors are forced to go flee underground, while the men became become peasants. The Order's rule is brutal and oppressive to the extent an underground resistance is formed. Calling themselves the Front (referred to as "The Movement" in the demo version), they struggle to free themselves from the Order. However, the Order's technological advantage has dampened the Front's efforts.