Strife: Veteran Edition

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Development: Development info
<![[Stephen Kick]] was approached mid-summer 2014 by former employees of [[Rogue Entertainment]] who retained partial legal rights to Strife, after the latter were approached by several community members with questions about the game's legal status. After resolving the various issues left by the dissolving of the involved companies, Stephen set out to produce a new professional- Quasar could probably fill this section much better than I couldquality release of the game, updated for needs of the modern market. ;) -->
After initially approaching [[Simon Howard (Fraggle)]] to see if he would be interested in developing a custom version of the game, he was referred to [[James Haley (Quasar)]] and [[Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser)]], developers of the [[Chocolate Strife]] [[source port]]. He then commissioned a custom version of the game based on a specification devised by the two programmers and set an optimistic release date of October, 2014. This was later pushed up to December due to delays and increasing scope of development.
[[Sven Ruthner (ptoing)]] was brought on as an artist to create new assets needed for the user interface, to fill in for deficiencies in widescreen support, and to touch up existing art where needed. Though it was an initial goal to have high resolution sprites and textures, this proved impossible to accomplish on the restricted budget and timeline of the project.
Due to still-ongoing recovery efforts with regard to the long thought lost [[Strife source code]], basing the product on an existing code base was a necessity. Due to the timely completion of Chocolate Strife in 2013, [[Chocolate Doom]] was chosen as an ideal basis. This necessitated that the project be {{wp|open source}}, with the code released under the {{wp|GNU General Public License}}. A linking exception for the Steamworks API was provided by Simon Howard with the justification that it constitutes a system component due to ubiquitous distribution and the existence of {{wp|SteamOS}}.
Kaiser's primary focus was on the graphics engine, which is largely based on [[Kex 2]], an evolution of the [[Doom64 EX]] code base. Quasar's primary focus was on removal of [[Static limit|limits]], stability of the game engine and fixing [[Engine bugs in Strife|bugs]] in the original game (many conditionally, under the game's "classic mode" feature), and addition of new features such as Capture the Chalice.