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== Strife characters==
Unique amongst Doom engine games, Strife's plot is carried out in real time using a [[conversation]] system built on the Doom engine's menus. A character's portrait may be shown in the background, subcaption text can be toggled on or off, and most characters include full voice acting. Characters are conversed with by approaching to within melee distance and pressing the "use" key. The player and character will face each other and dialogue will begin. The player may be asked to make choices, be offered to buy advice or items, or make a trade of one item for another. Besides these characters, various antagonistic entities such as [[acolyte]]s and [[templar]]s will also converse the with player - so long as he has not yet alerted them to his hostile intentions. These enemies rarely have anything to say other than gruff dismissal and the inane cult-like banter of the Order's propaganda.
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== Strife enemies ==
Strife's enemies include the various denizens of the Order, all with suitably religious titles, and the army of robots they have created to guard their fortresses. While an alarm is not raised, the organic enemies will generally not attack unless attacked first, and as mentioned above, may even converse with the player. Robots on the other hand attack on sight, as they can tell that the [[Strifeguy]] is not authenticated with their controlling systems. Living enemies are particularly weak to poison and fire attacks, and are instantly vaporized by the [[Mauler]].
Strife has multiple bosses. Upon defeating most of them, one of the mysterious spectres, who have been sent out by the Entity to possess important members of the Order and cause them to covet the pieces of the [[Sigil]], will emerge.
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== Strife weapons ==
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