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'''Gargoyles''' and '''Fire Gargoyles''' are small, red and have wings, allowing them to float and fly around the map.
Normal Gargoyles gargoyles at close range slash at the player with their claws and can dive at the player from range to quickly close the distance. They have 40 [[Hit hit points]]. Unlike the [[lost soul]] in [[Doom]], the impact of a gargoyle's swoop will make [[Corvus]] grunt, but does not actually injure him; only when the gargoyle starts clawing will damage be inflicted.
Fire Gargoyles The fire gargoyles will instead of both the above attacks, throw small fireballs at the player, lacking both the swoop and the melee attack. Fire Gargoyles They also have 80 Hit Pointshit points, the same as the regular [[Golemgolem]].
Gargoyles appear on almost every level of Heretic.
Description of Gargoyle gargoyle from the manual: ''Half-demon and half-bat. these wicked red beasts are the Order's guard dogs of the sky.''
Description of Fire Gargoyle fire gargoyle from the manual: ''As if flying demons wern't enough, Fire Gargoyles toss balls of fire down on their unsuspecting enemy.''
== Tactical analysis ==
Gargoyles are smaller than other bad guys making them harder to hit. The ability to fly and their small size grants them a high level of mobility and ability to access small areas.
The Fire Gargoyle doesn't possess either the ability to dash or Both types of gargoyle look exactly alike, but can be identified by observing their attack behavior at range: those that swoop in at the player in melee like are always the standard Gargoyleregular variety, while fire gargoyles will hang back and throw projectiles.
While Gargoyles gargoyles may be easy to dispatch individually, with a single point-blank blast of the [[ethereal crossbow]] killing the regular variety most of the time, they often appear in large groups where they can potentially overwhelm the player. When encountered in smaller groups, even the [[Elven Wand|Elven wand]] is generally sufficient. The two varieties of gargoyle will [[infight]] each other, but regular gargoyles ignore the swoop impact of their bretheren.
== Data ==