Spectre (Doom Eternal)

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The Spectre in the codex
This article is about the monster in Doom Eternal. For the enemy from Strife, see Spectre (Strife). For other games, see:

The spectre is an enemy featured in Doom Eternal, returning from Doom (2016).

Just like its appearances in past games in the Doom franchise, the spectre is identical to the pinky enemy except the fact that it's nearly invisible. It acts just like the pinky, charging forward to attack before stopping, turning to face the player again, and charging again. And like the pinky, its head is extremely durable while its tail is extremely vulnerable, and a direct Blood Punch from either the front or back will instantly kill it. The spectre cannot be targeted by the lock-on modification to the rocket launcher unless it is frozen with the ice bomb.


According to demonic legend, the spectre is an "ethereal amalgam" of the pinky, summoned into Hell by the rituals of the Six Sealed Eyes. This order of warlocks, descended from a fallen house, sought to overthrow the Archdemons through the use of black magic long forbidden. However, their rebellion proved unsuccessful and their members were given unspeakable punishments for their defiance- the Archdemons have no tolerance for challenges to their authority.