Spiked gauntlets

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The spiked gauntlets in action, beating down an ettin.

The spiked gauntlets are the first of four weapons used by Baratus the Fighter in Hexen and are available from the start of the game. They are a pair of heavy, metallic gauntlets with spikes on the knuckles used to beat down enemies at melee range. The spiked gauntlets deal the most damage of Hexen's starting weapons, able to kill an ettin with three hits and even gibbing it on rare occasions. If three consecutive punches connect with a target, the third punch will be slower and deal double damage. When a punch fails to connect, or strikes a wall, the counter is reset. The three hits need not be in quick succession, however, and can be spread across multiple enemies or objects.

Although they have decent attack power and attack rate, once Timon's Axe becomes available, the gauntlets are reduced to an ammo conservation role, as the axe fills the same niche in the arsenal and, when powered, is as good or superior in all regards except for mana usage.

The idle frame looks very similar to that of Heretic's Gauntlets of the Necromancer, but with bluish secondary lighting.



  • Hitting a friendly target in a cooperative netgame resets the punch counter.
Weapons from Hexen
Slot 1 2 3 4
Baratus (Fighter) Spiked gauntlets Timon's Axe Hammer of Retribution Quietus
Parias (Cleric) Mace of Contrition Serpent staff Firestorm Wraithverge
Daedolon (Mage) Sapphire wand Frost shards Arc of Death Bloodscourge