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A gooey screenshot of level 1.

Splatterhouse 3D is a 12-level total conversion for Doom II using the GZDoom source port, developed and released by Mike MacDee (Impie) in 2018. It features four atmospheric maps and a plethora of weapons, powerups, and monsters based on those in the Splatterhouse franchise.

The mod comes with a PDF manual with large sections written like the journal entries of Dr. West, detailing the weapons and monsters found throughout the game. It also comes with an older version of the Ketchup Mod for gratuitous blood splatter effects.


The player controls Rick Taylor, an anthropology student and paranormal hobbyist who has received permission from his mentor, Professor Mueller, to take photographs of West Mansion, where the notorious Dr. West was thought to conduct terrible occult experiments. His girlfriend Jennifer Willis goes with him. No sooner do they arrive, a storm strands them on the premises, which is followed shortly by a horrific ghoul assault that separates the couple. Possessed by the Terror Mask, Rick begins to slaughter his way through the West Property to find Jennifer and escape.

In Episode 2, Rick learns that Professor Mueller had given him access to West Mansion in order to awaken the Terror Spirit and unleash the Mask's powers, as one of her own supernatural experiments. The Terror Spirit summons Rick and sends him on a journey to Mueller's private retreat, where he will find a gateway to Hell and the means to resurrect Jenny.

Weapons and Powerups[edit]

  • FIST. Rick splatters ghouls with a powerful punch.
  • KICK. Rick can usually kick ghouls in the face as his alt-fire attack. Its reach and damage are between the unpowered punch and baseball bat.
  • BASEBALL BAT. Has a greater reach than the fist and knocks enemies back, though it does attack more slowly than the fist. It makes up for its slow attack by hitting three times per swing, potentially killing three enemies per attack.
  • CHAINSAW. Rapidly shreds enemies and leaves them as piles of giblets. It's one of the few weapons that can kill zombies, which otherwise continually revive after they are killed.
  • SHOTGUN. One of the few ranged weapons Rick can find, which is also capable of killing multiple targets at once. Can fire both barrels at once or one at a time, but needs shotgun shells to fire.
  • POTASSIUM BOMB. Rick can throw these like grenades to gib large groups of monsters or cause insane damage to one large monster.
  • TERROR BLAST. Rick rapidly fires deadly yellow beams of ethereal light from the Terror Mask.

In addition, Rick can collect Hearts for health, Tomes for armor, and Terror Masks for Berserk punching power.


All of the monsters are new, based on those found in the Splatterhouse games. They use edited sprites from the original games to make the mod feel more authentic.

Rick's primary foes in Episode 1 are Ghouls and Zombies who can only attack up close, with the latter returning to life shortly after being killed with anything but a bomb or chainsaw. In Episode 2 his foes are more Lovecraftian and otherworldly, such as the ever-present Howlers and the tentacled Lake Monster. Many monsters -- such as disembodied heads, hanging corpses, and ghostly maids -- have one or more projectile attacks, which can make gameplay frantic given Rick's limited ranged capabilities. The mod features several iconic Splatterhouse characters as bosses, such as the chainsaw-handed Bagman (referred to by fans as Biggie Man), the Hell Guardian, and Dr. West himself.


Other notes[edit]

  • Impie based the project on his old Splatterhouse 3D games made in Game Maker 6 -- shoddy Wolfenstein clones made with a buggy 3D engine. Many levels in the mod are adapted directly from these games.
  • Rick's part of the story, and the adaptation of Mueller from Splatterhouse 2, are both based on Impie's unproduced Splatterhouse screenplays.
  • Many of the monster voices come from other horror shooters such as Last Rites and System Shock 2.

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