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The spray rifle was a weapon outlined by Tom Hall in the Doom Bible, the original design document for Doom. It was to essentially be a more powerful version of the shotgun, but firing its multiple shots in a wider spread. It is described as such in chapter 14 of the document:

"Multiple shots in a 600 are (sic*). Powerful as shotgun, but spread out more. Shotgun recoil."
―Doom Bible [1]
* "600 are" is clearly a typo, and could possibly mean "60° arc."

Development history[edit]

Doom v0.2[edit]

The Doom v0.2 IWAD contains two unused resources for the game's helmet visor HUD related to the spray rifle: WBOXSPR contains the text "SPRAY RIFLE", and WPICSPR contains an icon for the weapon, which resembles a rifle. It is not the same as the later rifle weapon, however; it has a more trim stock, shorter barrel, and larger muzzle. The weapon entirely disappears after this version of Doom. Its place in the weapon ordering was eventually taken by the plasma rifle, but shares nothing in common with it design-wise.

In terms of game design, the super shotgun from Doom II is actually closer to the spray rifle's concept, as it is a more powerful version of the shotgun with a larger spread.

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