Steam is Valve's digital content delivery system for game publishing. Every official Doom game and various other commercial games based on the Doom and Doom 3 engines have been released on Steam. Doom (2016) is also available there. Most of the games were initially made available on August 3, 2007.

On Steam, classic Doom games and other games that use the Doom engine by default run under the DOSBox emulator, but it is also possible to use source ports with the games. More information on this below.

Some titles have had their price reduced since their introduction. Such price drops only affect the USA. For example, The Ultimate Doom and Doom II went from $9.99 to $4.99, but remained at €9.99 and £5.99. Doom 3: BFG Edition went from $29.99 to $19.99, but remained at €29.99 and £19.99. Despite the US-only price cuts, the cheapest region from which to buy Doom games on Steam remains Russia.

For a while, the Master Levels were bundled with Doom II. At one point, they were removed and couldn't be bought separately anymore. Eventually, they became available for sale independently.

Information here is subject to rapid change and should be updated regularly.

List of Doom games and other related games available on Steam[edit]

Classic Doom games[edit]

Doom engine games[edit]

Note: Contrarily to all other Doom-engine games available on Steam, this version of Deathkings is not the latest and requires the 1.1 patch to work correctly.

Doom 3[edit]

Doom 3 engine games[edit]

Doom (2016)[edit]


List of removed items[edit]

Doom 3 engine games[edit]

Doom (2016)[edit]

The 2016 Doom game was supported after launch with the release of three downloadable content packs focused on multiplayer content. These were later merged into the base game and made available to all owners, and the corresponding items in the Steam store were then removed.


How to use source ports with games downloaded from Steam[edit]

Some source ports automatically check the system registry for Steam's install folder, and will search it for the game IWADs. These include:

For other source ports, the following steps are necessary:

First, download the archive that contains the source port executable and other files necessary to run it. Then decompress the source port archive, and put all the files/folders into the folder <Steam directory>\SteamApps\Common\<game name>\base. Running the source port main executable (for example, zdoom.exe or prboom.exe) should then start the game.

Alternatively, the IWAD (named doom2.wad for Doom II, hexen.wad for Hexen, etc.) can be copied from <Steam directory>\SteamApps\Common\<game name>\base to a directory of your choosing and the source port files decompressed/copied there. Again, running the source port main executable should then start the game.

If you wish to run the games with a source port via Steam or its shortcuts, you need to decompress and copy the source port files to <Steam directory>\SteamApps\Common\<game name>\base as instructed above. Then you need to rename or delete dosbox.exe and rename the port's executable to dosbox.exe. After this the Steam shortcut will launch the game via the chosen source port. Steam's overlay will work with hardware accelerated ports, and Steam Cloud support for synchronizing saves between PCs will continue to work as long as the port uses the .dsg extension for its saves.

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