Stephen Kick


Stephen Kick is the founder and CEO of Nightdive Studios. He is credited as producer on the 2014 re-release of Strife as Strife: Veteran Edition and as CEO on the 2020 re-release of Doom 64.

Veteran Edition[edit]

Stephen was primarily responsible for untangling the legal cobwebs around the status of Strife. He was approached by former members of Rogue Entertainment who retained partial rights to Strife in mid-summer 2014, after the latter had been asked questions about the game's legal status by various community members. He was also able to obtain backups of the Rogue Entertainment servers, for which recovery efforts are still underway. While determining additional rights holders, he commissioned the creation of Veteran Edition after input from community members James Haley (Quasar) and Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser), who were contracted to do the needed work.

Doom 64[edit]

Stephen initiated contact with id Software in 2017 regarding the possibility of cooperating on a re-release of Doom 64 and progress was eventually made during 2018 on a contract to produce the game with an initial target release date of July 26, 2019, to coincide with the release of the Doom Classic Unity ports. This was later extended to November 22, 2019, to coincide with the release of Doom Eternal, at which point Doom 64 was made a pre-order bonus for the latter game, and then to March 20, 2020, when Doom Eternal was delayed.

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