The stick.

The stick is a weapon in Hacx. It fires a stream of powerful red energy balls that cause heavy damage to any opponent. Its rate of fire means that it eats ammo very quickly.

Like the nuker, it uses molecules as ammo which can be found in two different sized packs throughout the game.

The editing document included with the game names this weapon the "anti-gun", though the in game pickup message simply calls it a stick.


Stick data
Weapon number 6
Damage 5-40 (per projectile)
Included ammo 40 (80 on skill 1 & 5)
Max ammo 300 (600 with valise)
Ammo type Molecules
Shot type Projectile
Velocity ?
Shots per minute ?
Sound DSPLASMA (firing)
DSFIRXPL (impact)
Appears in Hacx
Thing type 2004 (decimal), 7D4 (hex)
Radius 20
Height 16
Sprite PLAS (before pickup)
PLSG (wielded)
PLSF (firing)
PLSS (plasma burst)
PLSE (impact)
Class Weapon
Weapons from Hacx
Slot: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Kick Pistol Tazer Uzi Photon 'zooka Stick Nuker
Hoig Reznator Cryogun