Strife ambient sounds are inconsistent


The waterfall sound effect will play or not randomly as the player exits and reenters the security complex level.

In Strife, many objects play ambient sounds inconsistently. The objects in question all use the same action function (named A_ActiveSound in Chocolate Strife) in their idle animation states. This function is implemented in such a way that it only plays a sound on every even eighth tic in a level (ie. the first chance happens on tic 8, then again on tic 16, and so on). If the length and timing of an object's states relate to the level time in just the right manner, this may cause every one of its calls to this function to never play a sound. The timing of objects is altered randomly when they are spawned on the map, so even any two objects on the map may not behave in the same manner.

This behavior is more readily observed with certain objects than others; the waterfall, water drip, and rushing water sound effects are particularly prone to the problem. Entering a level at different times, including by use of the -warp command line parameter versus simply walking into the map from elsewhere, can cause the behavior to differ in a manner that is seemingly arbitrary.