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This article is a list of minor characters occurring within the second hub of Strife, centered around the Borderlands.

Hub 2: Borderlands[edit]

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Area 10: New Front Base[edit]

Major characters in this area: Macil


Feris has moved along with the rest of the Front into the Order's former castle and has taken up residence in the former hospital area, part of which has been converted into a new armory and firing range. He still offers bullet ammo if the player has less than 50 shots remaining, and can train the player's accuracy with weapons several more times.


Gerard, the Front's medic, has moved into the castle's hospital area. He still offers healing to the player, and can upgrade the stamina implant a few more times during the remainder of the game.

Gerard's healing ability by skill level
Skill level Threshold for healing Health is restored to
Training Less than full health Full health
Rookie Less than 75% max health 75% max health
Veteran Less than 50% max health 50% max health
Elite Less than 50% max health 50% max health
Bloodbath Less than full health Full health


A new merchant joining the Front's ranks as Feris's assistant, Justin sells high-powered ammunition and other goods to the player. He offers a box of rockets for 50 gold, HE grenades for 50, energy pods for 75, and teleporter beacons for 75 gold. He is particularly enthusiastic about the latter-most item, recommending it readily to the player.


The bulk of the Front's army, including the troops from the old base, the survivors of the castle raid, and new recruits alike, are now stationed in the repurposed castle. A number of them have unique things to say:

  • Rebel (type 44): Remarks that with the castle now under Front control, they must be extra vigilant to hold onto it. He supposes that the Order is likely already planning a counterattack.
  • Rebel (type 45): Tells the player to "be careful out there."
  • Rebel (type 46): Tells the player to "keep up the great work," and remarks that they could not have accomplished the liberation of Tarnhill without the player's contributions.

Area 11: Borderlands[edit]


Main article: Keymaster


Three peasants are imprisoned near the Bailey. They react as though the Strifeguy is already wearing the officer uniform, and meet his approach with hostility.

  • Prisoner (type 15): Asks if Strifeguy has come to gloat, and states that his spirit will not be broken.
  • Prisoner (type 16): Demands that he and the other prisoners be released.
  • Prisoner (type 17): Simply tells Strifeguy to leave him alone.


The sergeant is a gray acolyte (type 56) found in the area of the Borderlands which is near the Bailey. Seemingly reacting as though the Strifeguy is already wearing the officer uniform, if spoken to, he will quip, "Die traitor!". He can only be spoken with if the player has utilized perfect stealth in the Borderlands. When killed, he drops the Order key needed to enter the Bailey proper.

Temple Guards[edit]

A temple guard having been relieved of his key.

Two red acolytes (type 54) can be found standing guard in small cubicles near the entrance to the Oracle's temple. When killed, they drop the Oracle key which is needed to open the front door into the Oracle's temple. They can only be spoken to if the player has used perfect stealth in the Borderlands, and also call the player a traitor. They can also be avoided entirely, as an alternate secret path exists into the temple that does not require a key.

Area 15: Fortress: Administration[edit]


These red acolytes (type 54) seem skeptical of the Strifeguy's purpose, despite his wearing the officer uniform, and ask what he is doing. Telling them that a "routine inspection" is underway satisfies their minimal curiosity, however.


Several distinct peasants appear as technicians working at computer consoles throughout the administration complex, and have the following things to say:

  • Technician (type 15): States that there is nothing to report and that everything is working, and that if anything goes wrong, it will be reported immediately.
  • Technician (type 16): Mentions that there was a problem earlier, but that it has already been taken care of.

Area 17: Fortress: The Bailey[edit]

Major characters in this area: Quincy


Quincy, the Front's informer who works in the Bailey's hospital, has an assistant who stands behind the counter alongside him. If spoken to before Quincy, he will simply state that he can only help people of whom Quincy has approved. Afterward, he will begin selling med patches for 15 gold, medical kits for 30 gold, and surgery kits for 75. Although he acts as a merchant, much like Irale, he uses a peasant actor (gray, type 12) and thus he is not immortal. Killing him will deprive the player of his services, though his prices are no better than anyone else's for the goods he sells.

Bailey Guard[edit]

The Bailey Guard is a red acolyte (type 54) who stands guard over the entrance to the Bailey proper. Upon approach, he will gruffly call for an ID check, but since the Strifeguy does not have a valid ID for the area, he simply waves one of his other IDs in the acolyte's face, attempting to frustrate him enough to get waved through. This strategy works, with the acolyte growling to "stop waving your ID in my face, and go in." If the player did not collect the Order key in the previous area, this acolyte will not respond beyond stating you have no clearance. He can be killed (preferably with stealth), however, and a switch inside his cubicle will open the same doors.

Warehouse Guard[edit]

Several acolytes (type 57) stand guard near entrances in the Bailey to the warehouse. They all state that there is "nothing to see here," and order the Strifeguy to move along.

Area 18: Fortress: Stores[edit]

Warehouse Guard[edit]

While there are a large number of generic acolytes guarding the fortress's warehouse, one in particular (type 58) acts as a supervisor and can be found in an important looking area with numerous computer screens. If spoken with, he will mention that the tight security in the warehouse is due to the recent arrival of a batch of mauler weapons earlier mentioned by Quincy, which are the favorite weapons of the templar. He says that although he got to take a look at the guns earlier, no one else is allowed to go in until the templars have arrived to collect them. If the player wants to obtain the weapons, this guard must be killed for the Mauler key he drops, which allows access to several areas inside the stores.

Strife quests and people

Game over

  • Killing Derwin [bloody] OR
  • Destroying the power coupling [messy] (MacGuffin)
  • Bringing Weran a uniform
  • Finding the control device

Branch 1

Branch 2
  • Killing the Oracle [S 3]
  • Destroying the acolyte converter (Richter)
  • Killing Macil [S 4]
  • Killing the Loremaster [S 5]
  • Killing the Entity