Strife music


All the music in Strife was created by Morey Goldstein.

Track listing[edit]

Track name Levels Lump Notes
Action Area 1, Area 15, Area 28 D_ACTION
Tavern Area 2 D_TAVERN
Danger Area 3, Area 11 D_DANGER
Fast Area 4 D_FAST
Intro Area 5, introduction sequence D_INTRO
Darker Area 6, Area 14 D_DARKER
Strike Area 7, Area 19 D_STRIKE
Slide Area 8, Area 18, Area 22 D_SLIDE
Tribal Area 9 D_TRIBAL
March Area 10 D_MARCH
Mood Area 12 D_MOOD
Castle Area 13 D_CASTLE
Fight Area 16, Area 31 D_FIGHT
Suspense Area 17 D_SPENSE
Dark Area 20, interludes D_DARK
Tech Area 21, Area 27 D_TECH
Drone Area 23, Area 30 D_DRONE
Panther Area 24 D_PANTHR
Sad Area 25, worst ending D_SAD
Industry Area 26, Area 29 D_INSTRY
Happy Better ending D_HAPPY
End Worse ending D_END
Logo Title music D_LOGO

In the IWAD, the music lumps are listed in the order they are used in the maps. When used in several maps, the music lumps are repeated in the IWAD, despite having identical names and perfectly identical content. For example, D_ACTION which is used in three maps is found in triplicate; while D_TAVERN is placed only once and D_DANGER is available in double.


The "teaser" demo version has a different setup:

Track name Levels Lump Notes
Action (FM) Area 1 D_MAP1 Similar to D_FAST, identical to D_FMACT
Tavern (FM) Area 2 D_MAP2 Slightly different from D_TAVERN
Movement Area 3 D_MAP3 Exclusive to the teaser
Drone (FM) D_STRIFE Slightly different from D_DRONE, identical to D_FMDRNE
Intro (FM) Intro music D_FMINTR Slightly different from D_INTRO
Steel D_FMSTL Extended and different version of D_DANGER
Fast D_FMFAST Identical to D_FAST
Action (FM) D_FMACT Identical to D_MAP1
Drone (FM) D_FMDRNE Identical to D_STRIFE

The "FM" prefix in some of the teaser's track names might imply that different MIDI files were planned for FM synth-based soundcard (e.g., OPL) and wavetable-based ones.

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