Strife quest items


Quest items are items in Strife which exist only as tokens, indicating that a given quest or mission is complete. They can sometimes be traded to other characters in exchange for something more valuable or immediately useful.

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

Broken power coupling[edit]

The broken power coupling can be obtained in one of two ways. The first is through destroying the Front's actual power coupling during Governor Mourel's "messy" chore quest. Obtaining the item in this fashion will unleash a "scanning crew" of blue acolytes near the town hall entrance in Tarnhill. Alternately, the player may bypass the working coupling and find a discarded broken coupling, which can simply be taken back to the governor, who will not know the difference.

Degnin ore[edit]

Degnin ore, found in abundance in the Mines of Degnin, is a magnetic and explosive ore used by the Order in the construction of most of their technologies. The electromagnetic pulse produced when degnin ore explodes is useful for damaging electronic devices, and will in particular disable the Order's force fields. Degnin ore is required to free the drone workers in the mines, and is also required to gain entry to the factory.

In fact, destroying all available ore before disabling the force fields will create a dead end preventing you from finishing the game. In Strife: Veteran Edition, new degnin ore will be generated automatically if there are less than four specimens in a given level, accomplished through an "ore spawner" placed in each level featuring the ore.

Degnin ore is also usable as a makeshift mine weapon. Simply drop bits of the ore and wait for an enemy to approach. Shooting the ore will cause a powerful explosion that can kill many enemies easily. Perhaps for this reason, it spawns during deathmatch, and occurs on many more maps than in single player.


The ear is dropped by Derwin when he is assassinated by the player during Governor Mourel's "bloody" chore. It has no practical use other than to trade back to the governor in exchange for a prison pass.

Flamethrower parts[edit]

The flamethrower parts, torn off of a fallen crusader, are an extra reward given to the player by Weran, the Rat King, after receiving the guard uniform and having the passage to the surface freed up for use by the sewer mutants. It can be given to Irale at any time afterward and he will use the parts to forge a flamethrower weapon for the player. If a flamethrower has already been obtained, Irale will not accept the parts.


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Guard uniform[edit]

The guard uniform is a green acolyte uniform. It is obtained from a lone acolyte positioned to guard the exit from the sewers into Tarnhill, preventing the sewer mutants from obtaining food, as the Order intends to exterminate them via starvation. Killing him causes the uniform to drop. It can then be brought back to Weran, who will both open a passage to the castle and give the flamethrower parts.


The "info" token is an originally unused item which was defined in the game but never given or expected by any characters. In Strife: Veteran Edition, it functions as a token given by Timothy in exchange for the blue chalice. The Master Smithy found in the factory forge will accept this information and in exchange open the door to the re-release's exclusive secret level, MAP35: Factory: Production.

Offering chalice[edit]

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Officer uniform[edit]

The officer uniform can be obtained in a small command center located inside the borderlands just at the periphery of the Bishop's fortress. It is not technically a required item, but without it, the player will set off special orange-sensored alarms in the Bailey and Administration sectors of the fortress. While wearing the uniform, many characters believe that the Strifeguy is a genuine acolyte. Oddly, some characters, such as the prisoners in the nearby borderland jail, seem to believe this before the uniform is acquired, while Front-aligned characters in previous areas do not react adversely even though the player still apparently has the uniform on throughout the rest of the game.

Oracle pass[edit]

The Oracle pass is a medallion similar to ones that appear on the holographic worshippers near the Oracle, and is a symbol of the seer's authority. When given to the Keymaster, he will exchange it for the Military ID needed to enter the Bishop's fortress.

Prison pass[edit]

The prison pass is needed to enter Norwall Prison in Tarnhill. It is a token of Governor Mourel's permission to enter the prison. Though talking to the governor while carrying Derwin's ear or the broken power coupling is enough to open the door to the prison, the pass itself is still ostensibly needed to get past the guard inside. However, the guard can also be killed and will drop an ID badge that activates a nearby console, opening the door. In addition, Warden Montag refuses the pass anyway, setting off an alarm if the player demands his key. This makes the pass itself completely redundant.


Beldin's gold ring is a token demanded by Rowan as proof that the player has assassinated the former Front agent, who has been imprisoned in the Order Sanctuary for eventual questioning by the Programmer after being betrayed by Harris. Rowan will take the ring in exchange for 50 gold and a comm unit, which puts the Strifeguy into contact with BlackBird and the Front.