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Strolling (also known as Stroller) is a novelty speedrunning playstyle, first proposed circa 1999 by Andrew "Linguica" Stine on Doomworld.


In some ways, Strolling is "true" pacifist playing - your speed will not rescue you from tight situations as readily, and you need to rely more heavily on cunning. Having said that, even in stroller demos, the marine's speed relative to the monsters is a major bonus. Walking briskly away from a homing revenant missile, ambling from side to side to dodge cyber rockets - these are typical of the fun and games that await the ambitious stroller.[1]

In essence, Stroller is a derivative of Compet-n Pacifist category; the following rules of it apply:

In addition, Stroller imposes additional restrictions:

  • The player is not allowed to run (sprint);
  • The player is not allowed to strafe.

While its demos are fully compliant with Pacifist rules, Strolling is not recognized as proper category by the Compet-n. Stroller demos are however collected in the Doom Speed Demo Archive.

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