Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos/Features


This page provides a detailed explanation of Stronghold's modes and custom content.


In every level the aim is to kill waves of monsters before they reach an objective or destroy a key object, depending on the level mode. Bonus credits are awarded for taking little or no damage, completing levels quickly, destroying many monsters in one minute or killing many monsters by indirect means (exploding barrels, sentry turrets, etc.)

Mode Description
Core Players must protect a computer core from monster attacks - the mission fails if the core is destroyed. Use caution when fighting near the core, as it can also be damaged by friendly fire. Bonus credits are awarded for keeping the core above 90% health.
Deadline Monsters must be prevented from reaching an objective known as the "deadline". If even one monster crosses the deadline, the mission fails.
Goals Monsters will attempt to destroy a series of goals placed throughout the level - the mission fails if all goals are destroyed. Bonus credits are awarded for stopping the monsters from destroying any goals.
Limit Similar to Deadline, but a limited number of monsters can be allowed to pass through the deadline. The mission fails if the limit is exceeded. Bonus credits are awarded for allowing no or few monsters to reach the deadline.
Milestone Similar to Deadline, but between the monsters and the deadline are a series of checkpoints known as "milestones" - each time the monsters breach a milestone they will start spawning closer to the deadline. Bonus credits are awarded for preventing the monsters from breaching any milestones.
Overmind Players must kill a single massive monster called the Overmind before it destroys all the orange computer cores in the level. Every time the Overmind's health is reduced by 10% smaller monsters will teleport in to support it - they will usually target players but can also target cores when no other targets are available. Bonus credits are awarded for stopping the Overmind from destroying any cores, or for killing it without killing any other monsters.


Stronghold includes all of the monsters from Doom II as well as a large number of custom monsters taken from Realm 667. Upon spawning monsters will follow a set path to their objective, attacking any players they can see (or for melee users, players that block their path). They can hurt each other with their attacks but will not infight. Credits are awarded for every monster killed, with tougher monsters awarding more credits and bonus credits being awarded for gibbing deaths.

The number of monsters that spawn is affected by the number of players and by skill level - less monsters will spawn on I'm Too Young to Die and Hey Not Too Rough, and more will spawn on Ultra-Violence and Nightmare.

Monster Credits Description
Archon of Hell 12 A black Hell noble that throws green projectiles as well as fast-moving meteors.
Azazel 24 A winged satyr that throws fast-moving homing projectiles.
Blood demon 6 A red demon with mechanical legs, which has twice the health of a normal demon.
Bruiser demon 24 A large orange Hell noble that can throw fireballs and a spread of projectiles from its hands, as well as creating lines of floor-hugging explosions.
Catharsi 6 (8 for gib death) Alien humanoids that fire a spread of small projectiles from their cannons. On death they will leave behind a detonator that explodes and sprays projectiles in all directions.
Cybruiser 18 A cybernetic Hell noble that fires rockets from its arm-mounted launcher.
Demolisher 60 A variant of the spiderdemon with two chainguns and a BFG9000.
Diabloist 16 A red arch-vile. In addition to its usual explosive attack it can use floor-hugging fire trails and fast-moving projectiles.
Dune warrior 3 (6 for gib death) Humanoids that can disappear when attacked, reappearing without warning to fire rockets.
Enhanced cacodemon 8 A gray cacodemon that fires a spread of three lightning balls, but has less health than the standard monster.
Fusion spider 14 A variant of the arachnotron that fires a dense spread of slow-moving plasma.
Guardian cube 5 Skulls mounted inside cubes that fire a stream of projectiles from their eyes.
Hades elemental 51 A large cacodemon-like monster that fires lightning orbs and Hades spheres, and can generate columns of lightning at will.
Hades sphere 12 A red orb spawned by the Hades elemental, it will explode when shot.
Hectebus 13 A large black mancubus that fires green fireballs.
Hellion 10 (19 for gib death) Resembling a small orange arch-vile, this weak monster launches fireballs.
Hell warrior 10 A Hell noble carrying a shield. It can throw fireballs and raise the shield to protect itself or fire ripping projectiles.
Moloch 240 The final boss of Stronghold, this larger red version of the Overmind possesses a variety of attacks including a rapid-fire nailgun, a spread of detonators and red wraiths that pursue and claw their targets to death.
Nightmare demon 8 A translucent variant of the blood demon that can fire Hell knight projectiles from its mouth.
Overmind 800 A large monster resembling the Cycloid Emperor from Duke Nukem 3D, which acts as a boss in specific levels. It uses fire breath, large catharsi projectiles and fireballs like those fired by the pyrocannon. The Overmind's health increases depending on how many players are facing it.
Phase imp 5 (7 for gib death) A black variant of the imp that fires homing fireballs and can disappear and reappear without warning.
Pyrodemon 32 A burning Hell noble that throws fireballs and can rain meteors from above, and is also capable of teleporting short distances.
Rocket guy 2 (4 for gib death) A zombie carrying a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, this monster is dangerous but likely to hurt himself or other nearby monsters.
Shadow 4 (6 for gib death) Small translucent creatures that move at a reasonably high speed; when they see a target they will stop and fire red projectiles without warning.
Suicide bomber 4 Zombies carrying lit stacks of dynamite that run towards their target and explode. They can be identified by their loud screaming.
Terminator 48 A large robot with an arm-mounted machine gun. It can also fire yellow projectiles and launch bouncing grenades.
Wicked 6 A flying demon that fires homing projectiles.
Zombie tank 6 A zombieman in a tank armed with mounted machine guns.


Stronghold includes a number of new weapons as well as new sprites for the standard Doom weapons.

Weapon Description
Autoshotgun An automatic shotgun that does not require reloading between shots. It has a magazine of 20 shells and reloads automatically when emptied.
Devastator Hold the fire button then release to launch a large plasma ball that shoots bolts in all directions as it flies; when the plasma ball hits an obstacle it will explode and spray plasma rounds in all directions which deal splash damage. The devastator requires plasma ammo.
Flamethrower Launches a stream of fire that can damage monsters directly; alternatively, it can be fired at the ground to leave behind flames that hurt anything trying to walk though them. The flamethrower requires gasoline to use.
Homing rocket launcher A rocket launcher that fires two rockets at a time. The rockets will home in on a target in front of the shooter.
Landmines Mines that explode for heavy damage when a monster steps on them, ideal for blocking corridors or defending objectives. Pressing the fire button will drop a mine on the ground; pressing the alt-fire button will throw the mine a short distance, allowing them to be used like grenades.
Pyrocannon Fires a large fireball that hurts anything it passes by; when the fireball hits an obstacle it will explode, spraying fire over a large area. The pyrocannon requires gasoline to fire.
Plasma repeater Consumes plasma ammo to launch rapid-fire hitscans, capable of destroying a crowd or a single powerful enemy. The weapon must spin up and spin down before it fires.
Railgun Consumes plasma ammo to fire a single round that can rip through multiple enemies. Holding the fire button for a moment will charge up a more powerful shot.
Stunner rifle Consumes plasma ammo to fire pink circular projectiles that deal very little damage, but will stun most monsters leaving them unable to move or attack.


A number of powerups can be purchased from the shops in the main hub using credits. Bought items will be kept in the inventory to be used at any time.

Powerup Cost Description
Autodrone 300 Summons a drone that flies alongside the user and shoots at nearby monsters. A player can have up to two drones deployed at a time.
Barrier kit 200 Creates a barrier at the user's location that stops monsters and players passing through it. The barrier starts with 200 health and can be destroyed by enemy attacks, or it will expire automatically after two minutes.
Extra life 1250 If a player dies during a mission, they will use a life and respawn at the level's starting point. Players who run out of lives will be sent to a jail and can continue watching the battle from there. Players must have at least one life when entering a level (apart from the hub), otherwise they will be sent to jail automatically.

If you have no lives left when you return to the main hub, you will not be allowed to buy items from shops until you purchase an extra life.
Invulnerability 400 A portable invulnerability item that lasts for 30 seconds when activated.
Marine reinforcements 100 Spawns a friendly marine armed with a random weapon - this is usually a shotgun or chaingun, but can also be a super shotgun, rocket launcher or plasma gun. Each marine starts with 300 health, and they can hurt players as well as monsters.
Morpher 1000 Transforms the user into a bruiser demon for 45 seconds. Morphed players can switch between the bruiser's spread and floor-hugger attacks by pressing the alt-fire button.
Portable barrel 25 Summons a barrel that explodes when shot.
Portable medikit 50 A medikit that restores 25% health when used, up to the user's current maximum.
Portable super medikit 200 A medikit that restores 100% health when used, up to the user's current maximum.
Protection 300 Damage dealt to the user is reduced by 75% for 45 seconds. This item stacks with the protective effects of green and blue armor.
Quad damage 500 Multiplies all damage the user inflicts by four for 30 seconds. Another version of this item can spawn in certain levels, and is used automatically when collected.
Random weapon 300 Gives the user a random weapon from the BFG9000, devastator, flamethrower, homing rocket launcher, land mines, plasma gun, plasma repeater, pyrocannon, railgun, rocket launcher, shotgun or stunner rifle.
Regeneration 500 Restores 5% of the user's health per second, up to their current maximum, for 45 seconds.
Sentry turret 300 Summons a static turret that fires small plasma rounds at any monsters it sees, as well as drawing enemy fire. Turrets can take 300 damage before being destroyed.
Smart bomb 500 Throws a grenade which emits a flash of light that heavily damages or kills all nearby enemies and players in its view.
Super shield 500 A type of armor that adds 300% to the player's armor percentage and absorbs 100% of all damage until it wears out. This item is not kept in the inventory; it instead replaces whatever armor the player is currently wearing.
Time freezer 750 Stops all monsters and projectiles for 30 seconds, giving players time to kill enemies if they are being overwhelmed. Another version of this item can spawn in certain levels, and is used automatically when collected.
Vampirism 600 For 45 seconds the user's health is restored by 50% of all damage they deal to enemies, up to their current maximum.
Weapon powerup kit 1500 Makes the user's weapons more powerful for 60 seconds.
'I Win' button 5000 For 10 seconds, the user receives the combined power of the invulnerability, quad damage and weapon powerup items. Additionally, their health is restored to 100% and their movement speed is doubled.