Title screen
Author Insane_Gazebo
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2009
Link Doomworld forums thread

Sunder is a megawad for Doom II, developed by Insane_Gazebo. It was first released in 2009 with 14 maps. Insane_Gazebo intended to make a complete 32-map megawad, but he left the Doom scene for nearly a decade. Since his return in 2019, seven new maps have been added, for a total of 21.

Sunder is a collection of slaughter maps, with monster counts ranging from the hundreds to thousands per map. In 2018, it was second place on the Top 25 Missed Cacowards, in part because it has been highly influential; many subsequent slaughter maps have imitated its style.[1][2]


Hive mother[edit]

A new monster was added with the release of MAP18. The Hive mother is a mini-boss monster, depicted as a huge wasp-like demon, replacing Commander Keen. They have 2000 health, and attack by launching a flurry of 14 mancubus fireballs. Additionally, triggering their pain state (which has a chance of 3.13% per hit, the same as the arch-vile), will cause the creature to hover above the ground and launch a volley of three rockets in rapid succession. The sprites for the monster were created by TheMisterCat, based on an old sketch by Insane_Gazebo.

Release history[edit]

Sunder saw its first release in 2009. It was eventually left with fourteen maps for roughly a decade. However, on the 8th of February 2019, Insane_Gazebo returned to the community, posting an image of a map in progress, indicating that the project was back in production. An update was released on June 10, 2019, adding four new maps, while MAP17 followed on August 14 and MAP18 on December 9 of the same year. In 2020, MAP19 was added on April 9.

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