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The Super Gore Nest is the fifth level of Doom Eternal. The Doom Slayer returns to an infested cityscape where the demons have constructed a gigantic gore nest from the remains of their innumerable victims. The chaingun is obtained here.

In order to destroy the nest, 4 US Battle Mech divisions, the Con-EUR Long Range Naval Artillery Barrage Fleet, 27 US Night Bird Apaches, 3 NATO Shock Troop battalions, 2 CON-EUR Rapid Response Levi-Tank divisions, and 18 thousand coalition Special Forces units sacrificed themselves but failed in their effort.


Super Gore Nest was the first level of Doom Eternal to be displayed to the public in the BE3 reveal on June 10, 2018.

The noticeable differences from the reveal to the final product includes the following:

  • The Doom Slayer puts on his helmet and inspects both his Doomblade and super shotgun as the play-through begins. The final game inspects the super shotgun at an earlier level, Cultist Base as part of a required objective. The helmet is put on and the Doomblade is inspected as part of the opening cinematic of the game on the Fortress of Doom.
  • Shortly after the first encounter during the level, the Doom Slayer picks up the combat shotgun and inspects it. The final version of the level excludes the weapon itself (as it is the starting weapon), and the inspection animation is never seen (unless if cheats or console commands are used). Notably, the pickup model of the shotgun is akin to Doom (2016) as opposed to the stylized pickups found in the final game.
  • Likewise, the rocket launcher is introduced later on in the level, as opposed to the Cultist Base. Like the shotgun, the rocket launcher is seen on the ground instead floating.
  • The arachnotron is introduced in a cutscene, akin to monster introductions in Doom (2016). This is not the case for the final version, where the arachnotron was introduced in the first level, Hell on Earth. A dread knight is found in this location in the final level.
  • The second segment introduces the blood punch as a pickup, using a floating orb somewhat similar to the final game's rune stations. In the final game, the blood punch is acquired from a special pickup on Exultia.