Super Sonic Doom


Super Sonic Doom
Title screen
Author Stephen Clark
Port ZDoom
Year 2004
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2004 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Super Sonic Doom is a partial conversion consisting of 35 levels for Doom II and the ZDoom source port, created by Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer). The overall look and feel of Doom is still there, but elements from Sonic the Hedgehog games are added, such as springs, monitors, and even special stages.

Players take the role of a marine named Julian Grant, a.k.a. Damage, who receives a mission to stop a sinister madman known as the Firestarter, as well as his seven other henchmen marines known as the Seven Deadly Sinners. Before Damage could even reach the intended location inside a stolen FAC shuttle, it gets shot down by an anti-aircraft gun, forcing Damage to make an emergency escape, and he ends up arriving at Sunset Island. He must make his way through the dangers set up by the Seven Deadly sinners, eventually face off with them, and finally go toe-to-toe with the Firestarter himself.

There are 15 zones in total, each zone consisting of two acts each, and five bonus levels in the game. Each act has a boss fight, with the first act of each zone consisting of a battle against a set-group of monsters, and the second act having a target-based boss. Bonus levels are found every five maps/acts.

Super Sonic Doom was named a runner-up at the Cacowards in 2004.

Specific ZDoom version[edit]

A custom version of ZDoom is required for this megawad, a source modification called ZDoom 2.0.94f, as earlier or later versions of ZDoom cause significant problems. ZDoom 2.0.94f accommodates for the various scripting hacks and skybox "portals" that are implemented as well as the correct rendering of special effects like fog and colored lighting. It was released on December 18, 2004.

2.0.94f remains the preferred solution to play Super Sonic Doom.


Custom monsters[edit]

All enemies now have a score value, listed below are the vanilla monsters:

New monsters[edit]

Mini-cyberdemon: A smaller cyberdemon that is yellow in color and fires a stream of yellow plasma bolts at the player. It will not stop firing until the player is out of its line of sight. First appears as a boss fight in Skull Temple Zone where you battle two of them in the third zone's first act, but makes subsequent reappearances later on. The mini-cyberdemon has 2000 hit points and is worth 1500 points (a stealth mini-cyberdemon is worth 1950 points).

Enhanced imp: A slightly larger imp that is slightly more durable and fires a stronger fireball. The enhanced imp has 220 hit points and its color depends on the zone you are in. First appears in Sunset Forest Zone. Worth 350 points.

Suicidal soul: A green lost soul that is slightly stronger with 200 hit points and if it gets close, it will blow up, dealing blast damage. First appears in the Forest Fortress Zone. Worth 450 points.

Enhanced demon: A slightly larger demon with 500 hit points that both moves and attacks faster. Its color depends on the zone you are in. First appears in Sunset Forest Zone. Worth 650 points.

Rail elemental: A pain elemental that has a blue eye and shoots a railgun shot at the player when it opens its mouth. It has 400 hit points. When it explodes, it does not release anything. First appears in Nautical Mines Zone. Worth 850 points.

Baron of Hell: The baron of Hell's behavior has been altered from its vanilla counterpart. When it attacks, it shoots three green fireballs from its hand. First appears in Skull Temple Zone. Worth 1000 points.

Enhanced cacodemon: A larger and more durable variant of the cacodemon that spits out three fireballs in a spread. It has 1200 hit points. Their color depends on the zone you are in. First appears in Sunset Forest Zone. Worth 1200 points.

Revenant terminator: An orange revenant that is slightly larger and stronger. It attacks with actual rockets, similar to the ones from your own rocket launcher. It has 800 hit points and is not immune to blast damage from its own rockets. First appears in Active Volcano Zone. Worth 1400 points.

Shadow arch-vile: A larger and more potent version of the arch-vile which is partially invisible and has 1500 hit points. The shadow arch-vile is quicker at casting its flame attack. First appears in Crystal Palace Zone. Worth 2000 points.

Giant mancubus: A larger, red version of the mancubus with much more health than a regular mancubus. It fires seven fireballs three times in larger spreads and has 2500 hit points. First appears as a boss in Forest Fortress Zone's first act, and makes rare appearances in later levels. Worth 3000 points.

Mercenary enemies[edit]

All of these enemies are hired as mercenaries for the FAC and they all have the weapons you are familiar with using. With the exception of the brawler and berserker, they will always drop the weapon they are carrying when killed.

Brawler: Wears white and gray and only fights with fists. Has 200 hit points and is worth 100 points.

Berserker: Wears purple and blue and fights with berserk-powered fists. Has 200 hit points and is worth 350 points.

Chainsawer: Wears tan and brown and wields a chainsaw, which it will try to run up to you to use. Has 200 hit points and is worth 200 points.

Handgunner: Wears gray and dark brown and wields a handgun, shooting at you with it until you get out of his line of sight. Has 100 hit points and is worth 300 points.

Shotgunner: Wears orange and wields a shotgun. Has 100 hit points and is worth 400 points.

Chaingunner: Wears yellow and tan and wields a chaingun, shooting at you with it until you get out of his line of sight. Has 150 hit points and is worth 500 points.

Super Shotgunner: Wears red and wields a super shotgun. Has 100 hit points and is worth 600 points.

Rocketeer: Wears brown and tan (inverse of the chainsawer) and wields a rocket launcher, shooting at you with it until you get out of his line of sight. Rocketeers are not immune to blast damage from their own rockets. Has 300 hit points and is worth 700 points.

Plasma gunner: Wears blue and indigo and wields a plasma gun, shooting at you with it until you get out of his line of sight. Has 100 hit points and is worth 800 points.

Railgunner: Wears dark indigo and wields a railgun. Has 100 hit points and is worth 900 points.

BFG9000 gunner: Wears green and wields a BFG9000. Has 100 hit points and is worth 1000 points.

Boss enemies[edit]

Super mancubus: A gray mancubus much larger than a giant mancubus. Fires a stream of fireballs in spreads until the player moves out of its line of sight. This enemy is the main boss of Industrial Zone Act 1. It has 10000 hit points and gives 15000 points upon defeat.

Super spiderdemon: A gray spider mastermind that is larger than a regular spider mastermind and shoots spreads of yellow plasma at the player until they move out of its line of sight. This enemy is the main boss of Space Chase Zone Act 1. It has 10000 hit points and gives 15000 points upon defeat.

Super cyberdemon: A gray cyberdemon that is larger and tougher than a regular cyberdemon, shooting spreads of rockets at the player until they move out of its line of sight. This enemy is the first boss in Final Battle Zone Act 1. It has 10000 hit points and gives 15000 points upon defeat.

Deadly Sinners[edit]

All of these marine enemies have flashing colors signifying their status, and when battling them, their hit points are shown on screen. All of them can teleport around the battle arena and also leave behind blood sprites when killed.

Envy: The green, nature-loving one of the Deadly Sinners. He was the one who shot down the player's aircraft in the beginning of the game, and you destroy his weapon in Sunset Forest Zone Act 2. You do not actually battle Envy until Forest Fortress Zone Act 2. His weapons include arrows and a wave of maces. Draining him of his 1000 hit points gives you the red key and 2500 points.

Lust: The red, Hell-loving one of the Deadly Sinners. He first appears giving a sermon to several monsters in Skull Temple Zone Act 1, and appears again in Nightmare Zone Act 1, both times he is not fought. He is fought for real before the boss fight in Nightmare Zone Act 2, and is the first of the Deadly Sinners to be battled. His weapons include Bloodscourge shots and a circle of reiver fireballs. He has 1000 hit points and when killed, he gives 4500 points and the red key.

Sloth: The brown one of the Deadly Sinners who is actually fast despite his name. First appearing in Ocean City Zone Act 1, he dispatches a cyberdemon against the player. He is battled for real in the second act and uses bricks as his main projectile. He has 1500 hit points and is worth 6500 points when killed.

Greed: The purple one of the Deadly Sinners who owns the Crystal Palace Zone which has images of many things in Doom. He is encountered a couple times in the zone, not fought, but is fought in the room before the boss battle in the second act with 2000 hit points. His weapons are ice attacks that are capable of freezing you, and he is worth 8500 points when killed.

Vanity: The white one of the Deadly Sinners who shows different ways to die and has 2000 hit points. He is first fought in Nautical Mines Zone Act 1, but escapes and floods the area. He then sets a trap for the player in Steel Works Zone Act 1, and is met again in a control room in the second act. Later on, he is battled for real on the lowering blocks before the boss in the second act. His main attacks include metal plates and rocks that explode in a circle, and he is worth 10500 when slain.

Gluttony: The orange one of the Deadly Sinners who has a real head for heights. He is encountered a couple times in Sky City Zone, both times summoning a cyberdemon and a spider mastermind to battle the player, and is battled before the boss fight in the second act. Gluttony's attacks include tornadoes (similar to the iron lich tornadoes in Heretic) and a burst of evil spirits in all directions. He has 2500 hit points and gives 12500 points when defeated.

Pride: The yellow one of the Deadly Sinners who is said to be the strongest of the Deadly Sinners. He is only encountered once, during the boss battle of Space Chase Zone Act 2. His main weapon is a rocket launcher. He has 3000 hit points and gives 14500 points upon death.

The Firestarter: The main villain of the game, he flashes red and yellow and is said to have the combat prowess to use every weapon in the game. He is encountered several times throughout the game, which includes his warships. He is the final boss to beat in the entire game. His weapons include the chaingun, plasma gun, railgun, super shotgun, and BFG9000. He has 4000 hit points and killing him gives you 20000 points and the six keys.

Custom weapons[edit]

Most weapons have only small changes, usually to their sound effects. The rocket launcher in this game is referred to as the "Bazookaa" and functions similar to Heretic's phoenix rod. The maximum ammo of the weapons is also more limited, with 150 clips, 40 shells, 20 rockets, and 200 cells maximum (300 clips, 80 shells, 40 rockets, and 400 cells with a backpack).

Railgun: First appears as an experimental weapon in Ocean City Zone Act 1. It fires a straight slug in front of you, and it also has a small crosshair to help you aim. Each shot costs 10 cells.

Custom items[edit]

Health ring: Rings that are scattered throughout the level that function similarly to health bonuses in that they give you one health point with each pickup.

Light armor: A red armor vest, which gives you fifty armor points.

Golden health potion: Looks like a large, brown health bonus, and gives you fifty health points.

Ring mine: Appears only in the first bonus stage. Touching the ring mine will remove ten rings from your counter.

Bonus sphere: Bonus spheres that only appear in the fifth bonus stage, which will reward the player with a random powerup.


Ring monitor: Gives you ten health points.

Armor bonus monitor: Gives you ten armor points.

Invincibility monitor: Gives you temporary invincibility.

Partial invisibility monitor: Gives you temporary partial invisibility.

Radiation suit monitor: Gives you the ability to breathe underwater and avoid damage from damaging floors for a small amount of time.

Extra life monitor: Gives you full health and armor.

Speed monitor: Temporarily increases your speed.

Custom objects[edit]

Mine: White mines that blow up if you step on them or shoot them. Has 20 hit points.

Turret: Ceiling-mounted turrets that shoot revenant rockets in the direction of the player. These can be destroyed, but do not count towards the kill count or score. First appears in Industrial Zone and has 400 hit points.


  1. Sunset Island Zone: In Act 1, the player is shot down on his way to Sunset Island to investigate the flaming of the island by the Firestorm Aerospace Corporation (FAC) and has to fight his way onto the island itself. The bosses here are a group of cacodemons. In Act 2, the player is going into the island itself, heading for Sunset Forest. The Act is straight-forward and the boss here is a defensive turret that plasters the area with imp fireballs.
  2. Sunset Forest Zone: Act 1 contains a relatively small, conventional forest. This contains the first encounter with the WAD's enhanced versions of the imp, demon and cacodemon. These monsters are differently colored depending on zone and are tougher than their original counterparts. The bosses here are a group of Hell knights. Act 2 begins in a swamp before proceeding to a FAC outpost, where the player goes on a keycard hunt to unlock whatever lies below the base. The boss battle is against the first of the Seven Deadly Sinners, Envy, more specifically his anti-aircraft gun that shot the player's shuttle down near Sunset Island.
  3. Skull Temple Zone: Takes place in a Satanic temple below the FAC outpost in Sunset Forest and home of Lust, the second of the Seven Deadly Sinners. The bosses of the first act are a pair of miniature cyberdemons with plasma guns instead of rocket launchers. The bosses of the second act are hidden guns set in the walls of an arena.
  4. Nightmare Zone: Act 1 begins in a hellish temple after crossing the collapsing bridge in Skull Temple Zone. The bosses here are a group of mancubi spawned from an Icon of Sin. The boss of Act 2 is a straight line of moving fireballs rapidly rising up and down.
  5. Forest Fortress Zone: Takes place in a mid-evil castle at night after emerging from Nightmare Zone. The boss for the first act is a giant mancubus. The boss for the second act are two holes in walls rapidly spitting out exploding spike balls.
  6. Active Volcano Zone: Act 1 begins in a volcano that has a pathway which leads to some floating platforms to cross a path of lava. On the other side, are springs that bounce you over the main shaft where the lava goes, but be careful, you don't want to be caught bouncing over it when it passes through! Act 2 starts with springs that bounce you to the higher part of the level where there are enemies. This act is much harder, it features falling platforms, rising lava, etc.
  7. Ocean City Zone: Act 1 begins in a small room with an opening on the floor with water, it leads into a bigger room underwater. There are also lots of other small rooms to swim up to. Act 2 starts in the second half of the city after taking refuge in a shelter; during this time the city is being bombed by the Firestarter's warship.
  8. Crystal Palace Zone: Act 1 begins on a rising platform, after a few seconds, you will then have to jump onto the ledge where there is a door leading into the palace. Inside, there are a lot of enemies and crystals of many colors, and there are crystal floors, they are very slippery! Act 2 starts deeper into the palace with lots of hallways, doors, pathways etc. which makes it very confusing and hard.
  9. Nautical Mines Zone: Act 1 begins with the player falling and hitting platforms on the way down. The player then lands on a conveyor belt and at the end, is pushed in shallow water. The player confirms that he has lost all weaponry and is badly damaged and needs to be very careful until he can get healed. The mines are dark, but there are some light switches for turning on the lights, which eventually go out again. You will eventually encounter one of the Seven Deadly Sinners, who will raise the water level all the way, so you are completely underwater. Act 2 starts in more darker parts of the mines.
  10. Steel Works Zone: Act 1 begins in a tunnel that leads out into a big room with train wagons. On the other side of the room is the big construction area. There are many hazards here. Act 2 starts in a big room with crystals, a trench in the middle of the room and houses. Hardly any beastlyness! This is a sight you don't see very often in a Doom game.
  11. Industrial Zone: Act 1 begins through a teleporter currently teleporting. Once done, you are in a small room with a door that has a switch to open it. Outside, there are several kinds of dangers, like acid, lava, mines etc. Act 2 starts deeper into factory parts. There are a lot more dangers here.
  12. Sky City Zone: Act 1 begins in the sky after teleporting from the previous zone. Opening the first door leads to the sky city, with lots of buildings and shacks. Act 2 starts in the boss arena from the past act. The first door to be opened leads to the next section of the city.
  13. Space Chase Zone: Act 1 begins in a small spaceship, chasing after the Firestarter's ship. Lots of rooms, doors, paths etc. Act 2 has the same concepts, but in a much larger ship. After this level is completed, you will land the larger ship on the huge Doom Star.
  14. Doom Star Zone: Act 1 begins in a large open area of the Doom Star, which the player must navigate through to get through many different obstacles. Act 2 goes through more obstacles, including a swimming section near the beginning, in order to catch up to the Firestarter.
  15. Final Battle Zone: It looks like you made it to the last zone in which you will face the Firestarter.
    Act 1 begins in a passageway with every weapon kind for you to pick up, plus armor and ammo. In the next room is a boss, the Firestarter's Greatest Creation! Once you defeat this guy, the Firestarter confirms he is going to make you face the hordes instead, another boss. This boss is a giant machine that generates enemies, shoots different kinds of bullets like plasma bolts, electric bolts etc. and is target base. To get the targets to show up, there are several switches in the room that make one of the targets show up so you can shoot it. Once you defeat the boss, the place will start to explode which means that you have to hurry and exit the place. Once out, he will confirm "Jetpack On" and move to Act 2.
    Act 2 starts like in SEGA's Sonic and Knuckles DOOMSDAY ZONE, where you will have to fly towards the ship that's flying away and shoot the target that appears while dodging bullets and bolts being shot at you by the ship. When you defeat the boss, the ship will be parked under you, so you then board the ship from the top. Once on it, the Firestarter will be there and you will have to fight him. Once you defeat him, you must blow up the ship and evacuate. That's the end of the game, YOU WON!

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