Super shotgun (Doom 2016)


The super shotgun.
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The super shotgun, a staple weapon of the Doom series since Doom II, returns in the 2016 game. Like its Doom II predecessor, the new super shotgun is used by the marine by firing both barrels at once, and is then skillfully reloaded one-handed with two shells being placed into the breach at the same time. Its reload time is surprisingly short, seemingly faster than either the Doom II or Resurrection of Evil versions of the weapon. The UAC does not approve of the use of this weapon, having removed it from their arsenal, but still apparently tolerates some use by insistent veterans.

The super shotgun's formally obsolete status is reflected in its upgrade system, as it lacks modifications available for other single-player weapons from combat support drones. Instead, the super shotgun receives a set of upgrades which are always active after acquisition. Consequently, the single-player version of the weapon lacks an alternate firing mode. In multiplayer, the super shotgun has an alternate mode that activates a retrofitted variable choke system, enabling narrower spread to project force over a longer distance.

"A break-action double shotgun that fires a wide spread of buckshot."
SnapMap description


Faster Reload
Reduces the reload time by roughly 40%.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Uranium Coating
Pellets penetrate multiple enemies.
Cost: 3 / 6 weapon points
Mastery - Double Trouble
Allows the player to fire twice before each reload. Note this is commonly described as "firing each barrel separately"; only one shell is expended per trigger pull, thus increasing ammo efficiency. Despite this, each trigger pull still deals two shells' worth of damage. This mastery is unlocked by killing multiple demons with one blast 30 separate times.


When the weapon is obtained for the first time, some parts of the weapon (such as the barrel and the grip) will be covered in blood. The blood splatter disappears when the player reloads to the last checkpoint.

If the player attempts to perform a melee attack or use an equipment during the reload animation, the player will reload one shell at a time instead of two shells at once.

Pre-release behaviors[edit]

During the E3 2015 presentation, the gun displayed information for a "stun shot" modification, which should have belonged to the plasma rifle. This was likely a bug in the game's HUD system which was repaired in the interim between that presentation and release.

A promotional plaque placed next to a 3D-printed model of the weapon also implied that the variable choke system would occur as an alternate firing mode in the single-player campaign, which proved to be untrue as of release.